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It would be awesome if Lua written bots existed. One thing I really liked about the original Riders mod was that I could play it offline or online, thanks to ChaosZero implementing JTE bots for single player. That was especially handy for Kart Mode, but I think it's part of a totally different Lua mod now, so the lack of it is no loss here.

This is still the one thing for SRB2 I never regretted investing my time in. (Tons of animations for Blaze and Rouge, although it's not worth crediting me when it'd be an impossible effort to equally credit everyone else that made sprites for SRB2 Riders.) It's an awesome expansion of SRB2, and I'm happy it's still alive in some form; Lord knows this was an undertaking to rewrite the code in Lua.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes from here! Will future updates simply be bugfixes and/or feature restorations? (Either is fine.)
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