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Well, here are the match maps:

Combination Zone by superusuario: 0/10
Booooring. Again, no effort was put into the level. Too big, too open; I found ring placement to be a little erratic. The springs in the techno part FAILED to get you to the skinny towers. It was as if you made mistakes and did not go back to fix them. Just too many things wrong with the level.

Sky Island Zone by Roy Kirby: 4/10
Auto-fail does not get you anywhere. Both rings can be grabbed by only a few seconds apart. Besides that, the level seems to be giving Sonic and Tails players an advantage. (Knuxes are out of luck.) If I were doing this level, I would have added FOFs to block the way between the weapon rings; that move would also make it less open.

Moon Milkshake Zone by SonicMaster: 2/10
Well, not going to work this time. Wait, brb....... Lower gravity and ridiculous heights do not a good level make. Wise you would be too remember that better levels you have made. (Yoda, have you been writing my comments while I was gone? Back to me!) *reads* He's right, you know. Too big and too open again. This is the fourth level so far with that. Come on, people!

Factory Zone by Chaos: 6/10
Pretty good. Tall, but I feel that's okay here. Plenty of goodies to look for. Sniper bomb is just fine here. Beware the elevator...

Nightopean Casino by Kuja: 1/10
This one's WAY too big--not to mention the lag that can come from that--and with rail rings and high platforms, that's a problem. Outside the casino, it's cool, although at one time, when I tried to spring out of the fountain, it sigsegv'd; it was a one time thing, though. Off the record, nice design.

Awesome by Torgo: 0/10
O NOEZ! TORGO BROT BACK TEH SMILEHS!! You did make a fatal error, though. Basically, there's nothing here to work with except a single platform and a few rings in the level. That's it.

Hidden Palace Zone by Knockout the Echidna: 5/10
Sure, you put in lots of stuff, but it's still just too big. Minor issue, but there is REDWALL in the ceiling where the random monitior is. Sniper bomb in open spaces makes it worse, but at least it has some quality.

HaiFF Zone by DarkWarrior: 6/10
Hai... Mystic. *shot* This is actually a good joke level. Plenty of room to work with, good weapon rings, and it has interesting paths, too. Good job.

Okay, SonicMaster, I will do comments for 39/0. Please listen no matter how brutal I get; remember, you asked for them!

39 Divided by 0: i/-0... Just kidding, it's 7/10
Uh, wait a minute, this one's good. It has the right amount of challenges, you can get to every part of the level, and the modest bomb ring does wonders when fired at the right place. It's as if it's a piece of Subspace.

Wow, if Furious Fox hadn't goofed up, I would be giving SonicMaster the high score in the Match division. As it is, I decided to give a joke level a tie for first with Chaos's level.

Overall, the contest has it's high notes, but the majority had some very big levels. Scale it down, plz!
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