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Walker from IOWA - Replay

My band made a music video! Sorry for my derp on the synths...first time in a band for me, so I really have no idea what I'm doing. Also, this is not my normal genre of members wanted it to be happy, summery, a bit classy, and with a feeling of "let's go drink beer". Anywho, the video is kind of derpy...I have no idea why the random red haired sweater girl is in it, but whatevs! The video was shot in Nagasaki was kind of a bleak day, but that actually fits the mood of the song pretty well. It's about feeling stuck and lost, with no idea about how to move forward in life. The words speak about someone who has nothing, wandering the same streets, seeing the same sights, and shouting out for all the things in his life that he's lost.

He realizes that the important things - the things that will never change - are already with him. If he can move forward even one step at a time, that's enough. As long as he can smile where he stands now, he'll be all right.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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