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So, I've played this mod twice now over the course of it's history. The first time was far earlier in it's life, when there was almost no point, given how little there was to really DO in it. That at much has certainly improved, as I had a decent amount of fun the last time me and my friend had attempted to play it, a few revisions ago.

Despite this, I still can't help but feel there are a number of things fundamentally wrong with this mod that aren't being addressed or even talked about.

For one, can you tell me what is the point of having two attacks, when the differences between them are so absolutely minor as to be almost unnoticeable, and more importantly, impossible to really tell just through playing? As far as I can tell, one of them does more knockback, and I think the other is better for doing damage? But even that is just what I was able to work out from what I had played. I'm not certain what reasons you've decided to not use the attack layout from the actual smash bros. games, though I can think of a few. Maybe it's because it'd be too much work, or you couldn't figure out a way to program it, or maybe just a lack of graphics for all those unique attacks, but in the end, no matter the reason, it all ends up causing major problems for the mod.

For one, all of the characters play almost exactly the same, as far as we could tell. The only two real differences between them are their running speeds (which due to how fights usually go in this mod means sonic has a major advantage), and their jump abilities, which ends up being fairly minor in the grand scheme of things.

But far more importantly than THAT is the fact that fighting in this game is braindead simple. You run into your enemies and attempt to hit the attack button at the right time, and whoever comes out as the winner (which I'm not sure how that's even determined if, say, two players hit eachother at the same time...) basically gets to wail on the other player for a bit. And that's IT. Well, okay, there's also the items, but since only ONE of those is for attacking (the bomb), they don't do much to spice things up.

One suggestion is obviously to make the attacks more varied. Perhaps the second attack button could be some kind of projectile move, or other special attack? Preferably one that varies meaningfully between characters. Like, for example, Sonic could have some kind of wave-like projectile that can only travel across the ground, but would be pretty fast, and maybe Tails has a projectile that drops below him, but that he's able to use while flying. I'm not saying that these ideas are necessarily what you should use, but at least do SOMETHING to make the attacks unique for each character.

And maybe you could add in a bit of a rock-paper-scisors element to fighting by making the dodge button (which is fairly useless, as far as I've seen, since it lasts for half a second and it's difficult to even tell when it's happening) into some sort of third attack, or a block, and then set up the 3 types of maneuvers to have advantages against certain moves, and disadvantages against others.

To give an example, Lets say that Button 1 is a melee attack, Button 2 is some sort of projectile, and Button 3 is a block. The block is able to completely negate projectile attacks, but is useless against melee attacks, and you can't move while using it, giving players time to close in. Then obviously, projectile attacks have an advantage against melee attacks, and bam, you've got a basic dynamic that makes the very act of fighting an opponent interesting. Now I'm not saying that you have to do that, or even implement ANY kind of rock-paper-scisors element into the mod, but the basic fighting NEEDS some added complexity, because as-is it's far too simple to be any fun beyond the first few fights.

So after all this I should at least be kind and tell you something that I DID enjoy. I feel like the times where I was able to knock an opponent into the air with an attack, and then follow it up and attack them while they were IN the air were really satisfying. Sadly, it's really hard to aim attacks in the air, as they stop you dead in your tracks and don't have much range to begin with. So that's something that could be improved, maybe.

All in all, I certainly would like to see this really improve, and maybe even turn into something that you'd see on servers as much as something like SRB2 Riders, back in it's heyday. But as it is now, it's just too simple to be worth playing for all that much time.
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