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1st - Knuckles & Knuckles Robo Blast 2 & Knuckles ft. Knuckles & Knuckles 3D Blast Extreme: Knuckles Edition with Knuckles DLC & Knuckles + Knuckles 3 A.K.A. Flipgoop Station & Knuckles
Good one Lat.. You got a giggle out of me. I like the changes you applied. You made the level a little more bright, added some more texture variance, as well as made the Knuckles boss more interesting. Just because of the Knuckles boss, I played as Sonic this time. I still feel like there's way too much grey, but at least that's the theme for the level. (Oh, and Knuckles actually kind of dies now. With this weird up then down thing. You tried, I know.) Some parts of the stage were a little confusing to navigate, as well as finding the bubbles. There's not much to say other than what I said before when I tried it for you. It's still fun to play through, even though I tested it. It's fresh enough to at least surprise me a little. I also loved what you did to GFZ2. This level, however, it's simple. It plays fine, doesn't overdo its gimmick too much, and mixes it up. The fact that it's well playable sets it apart from the other four.

2nd - Sacred Woodland
The piranhas... they pop out of nowhere I swear!... This had a fantastic visual theme to it. Spooky forest, mythical enemies, and well-themed music to go along with it. (Fire Arrow Robo-Hoods, and the music point me back to Majora's Mask. Good days were had with that game) You really set a scene for the level without making the player completely freaked out. It actually gives a genuine haunted aura as you travel through the darkness, scavenging around for rings and making your way through the level. While this was very pretty to look at, I had many issues in finding the way through the level, and some parts were not friendly with Knuckles' jump height (Namely the mushrooms!) And the darkness obscured some enemies a little too well. But I can forgive this, because it had its moments where it shed light around the stage, giving the player a sense of direction through near darkness, and that's a good thing to have in a haunted level. The level was a little long, which started to wear down the gimmick after a while. (Maybe split this into two acts?) But it was still a fun experience nonetheless, with actually challenging areas. But be sure to bring a map of the... erm, map, if you plan to navigate it.

3rd - Scarlet Lake Zone
She pooped a bunny, how cute is that! I like this level's concept. Throws me back to that other Touhou themed map from the OLDC earlier. However, this level falls a bit short on that factor. There were a lot of instances where I had trouble finding my way. It was way too dark, and troublesome to find what was climbable and what wasn't. It was hard enough to get from room to room, let alone find Knuckles' path. For the most part, the Knuckles path was a decent experience (Except for the long one with ghosts, it felt thrown in there). I still like the overall design, and the boss fight was a good change from the norm. LIGHT POWER! That custom power-up was a swift addition. I really liked that, along with watching the ghosts wander away in fear. Still, it all starts to fall flat when the level is hard to navigate since everything looks the same.

4th - Technology Station Zone
Help me.. the music is killing me... I had 16 lives by the end of this map. There are way too many ring boxes AND life boxes scattered in obvious places. Placing too many valuable collectibles ruins the challenge for the player, because then they become technically invincible. There were two really big factors that really drove me down. First of all, the hazards. I liked the concept of weaving your way through lasers like a spy agent, but little save for the fact that most of these were there simply to exist to cause you trouble; there was nothing around to design them. Secondly, the texturing. I like how you put variance in the textures, but many spots had questionable texturing, as well as some unaligned. Before you move onto the next area, you should take a second look, and ask yourself "Does this look right? Are there things I can improve here?" before moving onto the next part of the stage. I also believe you could try and design your level around the hazards, so you can actually shape them to how you want them, instead of having to create long hallways for them in particular. This map does have a lot of long thin hallways dotted with rings. The overall layout was nice, and I could freely move around in most parts, defeating enemies. It still passes as a playable level. I also liked your choice of enemies! The Jettysyns mixed with either Sharps or Crawla commanders really kept me on my toes.

5th - Proud Sky Zone
I... don't really have comments. Why make a level like this? This isn't amusing or fun. Maybe there's a joke in here that I don't get, but it doesn't feel very clever.


1st - Aquatic Corridors Zone
This level actually has style put towards it. It has decent visuals, so you always know where you are, it's easy to spy around for things and venture. The only thing is, if you don't have one of the few conveniently placed elemental shields around the map, you're stuck grabbing air bubbles all day. This really disrupts the flow of match, and even gives players who happened to grab the shield a terribly big advantage. Match doesn't play well when everyone is grabbing air bubbles. If you really plan this to be an entirely underwater level, add some more areas with air pockets in them. It's simply hard to force a full-level hazard on a game mode like match. In a single-player level, perhaps. But not in this game mode, where the danger should be the opponent, more than anything. (This is the same reason I don't enjoy Infernal Cavern) The level is also quite small. The level may be filled with water and inhibit movement, but it's still very small. I can imagine this level falling apart under an 8-player limit. Some of the weapons are hard to find and in strange and easily forgettable places (Like the grenade panel) So when you really need the weapon, you have to think for a while just to go get it again. This shouldn't happen in a match level. But my statement still stands, this is a pretty level.

2nd - Sunlit Wildlands Zone
This level is way to big. It even takes Sonic ages just to get from one part of the level to another. It's very difficult to find other players, and the only practical way to get around the level is to change to tails, and spin, then fly. If you made the map a lot smaller than what it is, it would actually be a pretty decent map! Try scaling it down by 50% in the level editor, and see how it looks. Also, as with the premise of extraordinarily large levels, it was difficult to find the weapons. There was also the Rail panel, which is extremely easy for Tails and Knuckles to access, which let me snipe people with rails.. again, and again. There's no cover to hide yourself, and the largeness of the level doesn't help that either. I was able to keep up with and rail someone four times before I finally lost them. As Tails. I like the design you put into it though. Just be sure to play test it many times as well, and understand the game-play it poses. If you are still unsure, try asking a friend to help give you comments; it's a multiplayer level after all. There was also a recycler box sitting there that was ALWAYS a recycler box. As well as an invulnerability box. and a speed shoes box. And a ? box. they appeared to have been placed with reckless abandon. Please use these boxes very VERY carefully, as they are the most powerful monitors in match!

3rd - Final Destination Zone
Guys, you're doing this all wrong. Tails only. No item boxes. No special ring weapons. Final Destination. The sky. It's full of stars. You can read the wiki to find out how to make a sky wall and a sky floor. Also, the Rail panel is inaccessible to anyone who is not Tails, for some reason, while the ground is flooded with rings clinging to the floor. There shouldn't be ? boxes in match, they're too powerful, and they are positioned right on the edge, absolutely asking for lagging players to try to pop them and fall off the edge doing so. And Knuckles can't recover, because the entire perimeter of the stage is no-climb. If you read up the Wiki for documentation, you might find some interesting effects to use to improve the adaptation, like FOFs. (Trust me, you'll be glad you looked. and I'll personally give you a smile if you do.) Even then, like in the Super Smash Brothers series, this level is very cramped and very bland. I'm not going to be upset if you want to do this, but think about how it plays at least, and consider how an adaptation of the stage would work. Maybe you can improve the stage overall! One of the many things to consider when building a stage. It was a nice try, though. You can also expect the best player in the room to soon grab all the emeralds, so you might want to at least spread them out more so one player just can't barrage the middle and hog them all.

Capture the Flag

1st - Rocky Caverns Zone
This level is far too big! It takes decades to navigate, and again, the only way to cover some actual ground is to change to Tails and abuse spindash. There's too few rings, it's hard to find the weapon panels, and hard to find any boxes of some sort. (It took 20 minutes before me and my opponent actually found the Rail panel well disguised over a grey floor.) There's barely anything to look at, and the bases aren't even identical in shape. (The blue base has a nice handy defensive tower, while the red base does not) There's a lot of factors you need to consider when making a map for CTF, like game play, how the teams will navigate, where pinch points will occur, will both teams be able to get well-equipped with weapons... Oh, and the lava doesn't return the flag. you can fix that with a return flag sector type.

2nd - Nameless Base zone
Oh, hey look, it's Sonic Doom 2 This level is far too small. It's very easy to get from one base to the other, and there's no place to take a break. There's bound to be rings flying everywhere, and the Rail panel is also out of reach to Sonic normally. (Unless you're smart and know how to spindash and hop on a dime) With a well-made spindash, anyone can get from one flag to the other instantly. This is terribly unfair. There is a big difference between Doom maps and SRB2 maps because of the speeds characters move at and the dynamic abilities. There's no real design to hang on here, and the rocks just make the level hard to navigate overall.

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