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Spoiler: Single Player
Proud Sky Zone by Nekoishi and [REDACTED]
Ummm? I belive I can fly? Or freefall?

Sonic & Knuckles Robo Blast 2 & Knuckles Ft Knuckles & Knuckles FlipgoopStation Demo by "Lat'"
This stage is well done on the most parts. The introduction to the new special moves and the flipgoop was well made and easy to understand. But that part after the water slide was not so easy to understand. I got lost several times and I would suggest to place here a sign that tells you to go down left as I missed this path at least 5 times until I saw it. The traps are pretty tricky in this stage and you allways need to watch out and keep your guard. I like it. The gimmick was used in many several ways and it was varied over the stage. The addition of the Knuckles path and the emblems gave the stage a higher replay value and aside from that the emblems are placed very well and are not that hard to find with the emblem hints. The knuckles boss was pretty amusing and reminds me of a mix of S3&K and Sonic Adventure. Also I'm disappointed that there was no Sonic boss for knuckles.
For the lack of Sonic boss fight for Knuckles, I can begin with the fact that Knuckles has to lose the fight anyway, since both "storylines" happen at the exact same time. And I really didn't know how to put that in place
Who tells you that it MUST be the same "storyline"? also the player can loose against Knuckles as Sonic and thus making the story of Sonic being killed by Knuckles possible.
plus Knuckles' section is already as long as Sonic's with the boss fight
On the other hand you are right the time emblem will be pretty much impossible for Knuckles. Overall it is a neat level with neat memes and a neat GFZ2.
Oh no!

Technology Station Zone by XEFAGame
Oh dear where to begin. Well I found my way quickly through the stage until I got to the first big room. And I ran arround for 10 minutes until I found out that I need to go left here. Yes a sign telling you to go left to the elevator would have spared 10 minutes for me searching the elevator to continue on the stage. Going on I came to the laser room wich was a nice idea but also an eyesore. At least make laser flashing slower but realy it allmost killed my eyes. The rest of the stage was okay. The enemy placement is monotonous. Try placing different enemies for more diversity. Also this stage itself is monotonous too. I know you can do good stages. You proved it with Sky Sanctuary and Crisis City (wich were obviously inspired by Sonic Generations) but this was disappointing. And even if those stages do not origin from your imagination, creating stages based on something you were inspired by is not a bad thing. You can take inspirations from other things and mix them with yours if this helps you creating a good stage.

Sacred Woodland Zone by HAPPYFOX
Aside from it's heavy lags I enjoyed this Stage. The visuals are good to look at and pretty much fits to a mystical forest. The gimmick of this stage was of course the invisible platforms. This was pretty neat and the Stage was also clear even if it had lots of different paths to go wich gave this stage a huge replay value. And I also like how all the paths are merging together again. Also this stage is not one of the easy kinds. It is tricky and challenging especialy when you play as Sonic and it might take several tries to beat it. But some sections got a little bit of a strugle due to framedrops. Next time don't place too many objects and the stage will play far more smoothly.

Scarlet Lake Zone by Zipper
It is a nice level with catchy music. I like the beginning where you walk through a fence. It feels like you enter something abandoned and unholy. A place where you should not go but you do. The stage plays pretty linear and has a little well thought gimmick: the ghosts. I also like that they get killed by light. But there are two things wich disturbed me. First: you cannot tell the difference between goop wich shoots you up and normal red waterfalls. So I jumped intentionally into this waterfall like that and fell down where I tried to lure the big ghost into the light. It didn't worked so I thought this big ghost is imune against that kind of light and I need to lighten up the room like before to kill him. But instead I had to kill those two small ghosts up there first so I kinda broke the system. Somehow I managed to progress further into the stage without acknowledging that I somehow killed the big one. Then I had met another biggie and I killed him with the normal light. I was kinda confused there. The second: The flashing white ball is anoying and I think it would be a better effect if the player would shine in a whitish tone like Super Sonic in a goldish tone. And I would also suggest to let the player loose the light ability when being hurt by a hazzard or enemy when shining white. The music is nice however. To the boss: It was fun and also creative. Also in his/her second phase you can see the goop in a pinkish red color. If you had applied this to all of the fountains players wouldn't get confused that easily. Speaking of that goop in the bossfight. I originally thought you need to avoid the explosions by going onto the ledges by using the fountains but you cannot access them. This leads to some luck based avoid skills as the boss can hit you while faling back down. And yet again nice music choice. Overall I enjoyed that level but the textures were a little bit too monotonous. Elsewise it is a nice level.
Spoiler: Match
Aquatic Corridors Zone by *icefox*avp*
I like the idea of an completly underwater battlefield. It is like Azure Temple but only in match for some insane battles. I like the idea behind it but the frequent spawn of the elemental shields kinda repeal the purpose. It could have been a little bit bigger but the visuals and the skybox are well made. The item placement was good too. It feels like you are far under the ocean. It also reminds me of the v1.08 stage Submerged Sanctum, wich was also entirely underwater. I like that idea and this challenge so it is a well made map.

Final Destination Zone by Nekoishi
Despite this being a level design contest and this stage only being a single platform and has barely something to do with creativity it is hilarious to watch a load of players fighting each other on this pint-sized battlefield. And if someone goes super with an attraction shield..........

Sunlit Wildlands Zone by Brawl
This stage is big... too big. It feels so empty. The items are spread out too much and finding them is just obnoxious. This stage is that big that the possibility of meeting another player is so very little. I like big battlefields for more than arround 8 players but this is just too large by any meanings. And it also has some weird graphical issues too.
Spoiler: Capture the Flag
Nameless Base Zone by Nekoishi
Again really small and nothing short of a joke level but again it is fun to watch players getting wrecked each other in the attempt of carrying the opponents flag to their own base. I just hope the next stage is bigger...

Rocky Caverns Zone by Brawl
When I said "I just hope the next stage is bigger" I did not expected this to happen. This stage is humongous and yet again feels empty. The verry same mistakes as in Sunlit Wildlands Zone with the exeption of graphic glitches. But the stage is asymmetrical now. Okay I admit: not every CTF stage must be symetrical but the flaw here is that both the red and the blue base are completely different and its harder to get to the blue flag as you need to use 2 yellow springs unlike in the red base where you only use one. Also this stage is that big that you overlook a lot of things. And carrying the flag to the own base takes forever.

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