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I feel like showing off, so I'm going to post videos of both Cloud Cradle K and Monochrome Road that I did a few days ago. Strangely enough, it's a lot easier for me to play these both stages using the mouse since my drifting skills aren't up to par with RedEchidna's drifting skills. It took several tries for Monochrome Road since Fraps slows the frame rate when running in OpenGL mode, but not as much in Software mode. As well as dodging those obstacles that were pretty distracting.

Other than that, I did play the ports of these tracks and I gotta say that you did a good job! It's about almost the same size and length as the real Mario Kart tracks. It's too bad that SRB2Riders has so many limits on track creation, but it's as good as it will ever get. Do you plan on porting the other tracks from the Mario Kart games?
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