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Good to see the real one is here...I'm liking it so far but only two things I'd like to say.

One I can understand the point of killing the player when they swap skins but when in coop, lets say a player joins a game, all right he is a blue sonic, but wants to be a yellow tails. So he swaps his color to yellow and changes his skin to tails. Well he just randomly dies. To add to that some players like to quickly swap to tails to help another player but will probably die in the process.

Two, I really think I said this before when we were testing the shards game but o well. The shards (I think from Crash Bandicoot?) really seem small and thin, sometimes they can blend in, like hiding near a scatter ring.

Still this exe is quite fun. Hopefully it can be finished...but that's when its done...
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