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I just tested out the circuit maps, and here are the results.

Scale The Earth Zone: 1/10

I got annoyed with this. The paths were very cramped, there's tons of random monitors everywhere, bad gravity settings, and cheap death pits everywhere. It is also C Kick heaven, you need to scrap this one, or sort out a hell of a lot of issues in this level.

Volcano Park City Zone = 4/10

It would of been better if it was bigger, and the fact that it didn't have so much pointless layout in the way such as the annoying fast FOF's which either crush you or just make you stop instantly. It also suffered a lot of software glitches too. These need sorting out.

Scorching Valley Zone: 5/10

Average, but had some problems, the paths were a bit cramped in some places, and bits were very easy to cheat and cut out some of the stages particularly using Speed thok near sides of the walls as I did it accidently twice. The theme wasn't too bad, but it also felt empty in a few areas too.

Endless Woods Zone: 6/10

Despite being similar to Verdant Forest, it was actually better than the other maps. It had good flow, scenery was ok, and it was just an average race map. It would of been better if you resized it more becase it was a bit small for my tastes.

Also, I'd like to note: You've mastered the small things here and there that make your level look good. Not that you needed to know that, but it was worth pointing out in comparison to some of the other n00bs here like Hyperkunx.
BZ4, that was completely unnecessary. Just because I may not be the brightest bulb in the box, it does not give you the excuse to call me that. =/
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