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Honestly I'm about at loss for words when it comes to this. It's amazing and surpasses by far all my expectations for 2.2. Nothing in the trailer felt overlooked when it came to visual detail, the sheer amount of visual polish makes me wonder how exactly the renderer manages to keep up with all of this, y'all are wizards.
I'm especially happy about seeing shield abilities as well as a new soundtrack coming up, SRB2's music was waaay outdated and it was about time it recieved some fresh coat of polish. That way people won't feel obligated to use music_remade or to edit music.dta :P

But in any case, congratulations for having the willpower to still work on this game after 20 years, still bringing us material to save in our wet folder for further use.

And dear lord thanks for making the HUD use snapto flags, this thing alone made my day better, and made tons of people think srb2 had widescreen base resolution or something lmao
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If you make me a Sash Lilac wad, I'll make you a sonic sprite hack of any choice.
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