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Originally Posted by Knux576 View Post
I dont think the 'when its done' idea would work. If we set a specific number of maps for each gametype, bad things would happen. For example: If someone was almost done and about to submit and we got enough maps by then and he'd have to wait and wait until the next voting time to get feedback on his map. Though I could be proved wrong...
He'd have to wait until the next contest, yes. What's the problem with that?

Originally Posted by Zap610 View Post
2) Make it less open-ended

Put rules and restrictions in place; set the gametype. Have all maps be match maps, or single player maps, or whatever. It will help people step outside of their comfort zones. For instance, if I was to join a sp mapping contest (which I would) and then a match one, I would give it a try even though I prefer sp. Then if it was ctf, I might still be willing to try it even though I have no desire to map for ctf, though I did enjoy the last two contests which would inspire me to continue.
This would only work if there were people who actually make maps for the purpose of entering the contest. I'm pretty sure most people submit maps because they've been working on them anyway, and not because they want to enter the contest. I don't think a lot of people would be encouraged to make a map just by restricting the number of gametypes in a contest they aren't entering anyway. If you want to make an SP map, then do so. Why do you need a gametype restriction in the OLDC to be encouraged?

Originally Posted by Zap610 View Post
3) Speedmapping
Are you from the Doom community? Because this is not Doom. Speedmapping doesn't produce particularly good results because making an SRB2 map is a rather complicated endeavor that requires a lot of finetuning and careful balancing. There have been plenty of rush job maps since 2.0 was released, but I can't think of a single one that did particularly well in the contest. Even KOTE, who is one of the most accomplished mappers here, hasn't been able to make a really good rush job map, and it's not for lack of trying.
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