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Charybdizs linked me to this topic on Skype, if you were wondering.
Originally Posted by SpiritCrusher View Post
The OLDC isn't designed as an incentive to make maps, it's an opportunity for those who are making maps anyway to get feedback on their work.
Now that's just not true. I can only speak for myself, but I know that I played the official SP maps a lot more than any custom levels.
The OLDC is primarily a feedback mechanism that helps mappers improve, and I think at that it fails. The mappers who have been recently contributing to the OLDC aren't really getting any better, they're stagnating at the same level. Why is that? Maybe they're not reading the reviews or maybe the reviews aren't helpful. Probably both.
(Firstly, I play custom content more than the official levels. Even before I stopped mapping, I mostly just testplayed my own levels rather than really playing. When I play maps, I'm mostly looking for something specific. I want to see how a given mapper did something, and I find the official levels sometimes too dry.)

As I'm reading this topic, the problem seems to me to be "How do we develop our mappers?" rather than "Save the OLDC!" I've always thought that, if I make a map, the OLDC is the only way to get the publicity I'd like for it. I think I've always assumed that feedback is the natural reaction to people seeing it, with the OLDC providing feedback actually indirectly.

The biggest thing that developed my own mapping style was me thinking about it myself. I never really had any of those deep conversations about level design theory (for lack of a more elegant term) with others in the community. I mean, sometimes, but they usually died quickly.

Can we have those conversations as a community? Not just aesthetics vs gameplay, but what makes up aesthetics? And what makes up gameplay? I don't really mind if the OLDC dies if we start talking theory a lot more commonly. I'd get excited about that.
And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to stop procrastinating on my studio project.
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