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I'm late, but this is BULLSHIT. Of all the rich roster of unique and fun characters of the Sonic universe, you chose Big the Cat? BIG THE FUCKING CAT??? Where the hell is Shadow the Hedgehog? Or Nack the Weasel? Or Zero THE Artificial Hedgehog?????

May as well make Bull the Shit while you're at it, or maybe Ring the Ring, where you spend the whole game as a ring in a corner of the first pit of ACZ1 and the only way to beat the level is to wait to be collected by an incompetent failure noob who somehow manages to fall in??? SOUNDS FUNNER TO ME

Fishing? FISHING? Look, okay, how's Big gonna fish when he doesn't have a fishing licence? OR bait? SRB2 doesn't have worms!!! Just look at that fishing pole. No port and starboard attachments, no turbo-drive? Did he get his pole from Wal-Mart??

I completely detest the direction that SRB2 is heading in and I will no longer keep paying my subscription fee. Good bye.
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