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Different tools for different situations. Linedef slopes are quick and easy for general ground use, but they're terrible for geometry that isn't aligned at 45 degree angles because the direction of the slope must always be perpendicular to the slope linedef, so no lateral tilts. Vertex things are precise and support dynamic geometry, but they're a pain in the ass to use because you can't rotate or duplicate them without having to re-tag every object, which also means having to temporarily offset things that are overlapping each other so they're not fighting for priority in the editor. If I want to make a bowl or a sphere, where's the solution in-between that doesn't take 3 hours to set up?

Also I was under the impression ZDoom or some other variant supported both visual vertices and vertex slope things, is that not true? If visual vertices really do preclude the use of things, couldn't we just, like, code it to not do that? Also the copy slope actions would be infinitely more useful if they literally copied the slope instead of simply extending a slope over disjointed geometry anyway.

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