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I keep on telling people that would be a minor upgrade for one use case and a huge downgrade for a ton of other ones.

The vertexes slope copying has no reference when lines aren't involved, so you have to arbitrarily duplicate/match up equivalents of your work over multiple sectors. And because the vertices have to be the corners of the sector, creating slopes with vertices based on geometry outside of the sector is impossible - which makes FOF slopes much more difficult for no good reason. It also forces your level geometry to be cut into triangles, even if you just want to make a tilted octagon plane or something. It'd also kill what little support for dynamic vertex slopes we have, since vertices aren't modifiable.

So no. It would be much worse for most use cases, and only slightly better for the only use case ZDooM engineered these for (because it doesn't have FOF slopes, let alone vertex ones).

Unless vertexes can be free standing in UDMF, in which case that's just using a seperate type of object as a reference for this and it's still kinda stupid.

So nyah.
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