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True-color renderer for software mode: Not a necessity, and a huge pain to get working, so I wouldn't expect this one. There wouldn't be a need for a COLORMAP anymore if this was implemented, and the palette restriction would be lifted too.
Dunno about the other stuff, but the devs already said that they use the palette to ensure the game looks the way they want it to look so they probably aren't interested getting rid of it. (from a discussion about whether OpenGL should or should not use a palette like the Software renderer does)

Originally Posted by Mystic
SRB2's visual design is intended to approximate the style of the 2D Sonic games in 3D. Our old, Doom-based engine is actually an asset here, providing us with an authentic, old graphical style from the early days of 3D gaming. Think of this like the intentionally retro styled games that have become popular recently, where the developers intentionally use dated visuals and styles to make the game look much older than it actually is. The only difference is that in our case the project is just so old that our engine isn't faking it; it really IS that old.

One of the tools to maintain our visual design is our limited palette. While the palette limitations started out as a simple technical limitation, at this point they're a major part of our visual design.
That said, this was 2 years ago so I don't know, maybe they did change their stance on this. Doubt it, though.
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