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All right, so I beat the game with all emeralds yesterday, and overall, I really loved the update! Ray as a whole is just so much fun to use, and Mighty's Shield Jump makes bosses like Hydrocity's a literal joke since he can just no sell basically everything by jumping. The character cycling is definitely the highlight of this mode, it's pretty satisfying having all five characters under your belt and switching them out for certain situations.

As for the special stages, the difficulty for those really stepped up compared to Mania mode. I personally couldn't beat them until I said fuck it and abused the mach glitch.

Spoiler: Endgame stuff
I do have to say I'm really fucking disappointed there wasn't an Encore Egg Reverie zone, especially when the normal ending seemed to imply there was.

All in all, I'd say Encore Mode was pretty solid. I've yet to use the new characters in Mania mode, but that's something to do I guess.
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