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I've been following the Sonic Retro topic about Freedom Planet since the thread was first posted, so I saw lots of people raging about the bosses during launch. I'm kinda glad I waited until later to buy the game, it meant I avoided lots of odd launch bugs and insanely hard AI.

Also, I'm legit scared to play Freedom Planet on Hard. It's giving me a hard enough time on Normal, (Hence why I died so times!) since I never play Easy modes on games.

Originally Posted by Whackjood
I wouldn't worry about holding off on story mode, from the way the story panned out the new characters will get some new levels to accompany the old ones. So it's not like you'll somehow spoil everything plot related in the DLC.
From what I heard, the story has some holes in it, which I'm assuming the DLC is intended to fill, so I didn't want to have to wait until later to see everything wrapped up. There's no estimated date on the release yet.

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The game was also available on the humble store(as far as I know that one doesn't need a DRM client too) and is now on GOG since some weeks.
Yeah, the game's been on GoG for a while, so I feel bad for not mentioning it here sooner. I had also entertained the idea of buying it on Humble Bundle, but that would've been one more password to keep up with, so I waited until it hit GoG, where I already had an account.
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