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Originally Posted by Puppyfaic View Post
Spade gave me problems as well. To this day, he's the boss responsible for probably 70% of my deaths. He never has an open window for attacking because he just dashes away after he attacks and then uses explodey blue card missiles with hitboxes that are much larger than the actual cards.

Neera on the other hand, I have yet to ever die to. She's pathetically easy. She only has 1 move; throwing a projectile that ricochets off at a 45 degree angle when it hits a wall. All you have to do is get behind her when she throws it and attack her.
Pretty much this for Spade.

And I said Neera because I burned like 6/7 lives against her in my first run, but admittedly a better example of the bosses' difficulty would be Brevon's Ship.
Goddamn that thing; if it isn't for its green lasers that shave off 1/3 of your HP on hit, it's the gooey rockets that are just a bit too many to avoid.

I mean, I managed to find a way to avoid the rockets, but christ it was a real cryptic one.
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