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Originally Posted by Brown the dog View Post
Nonsense! Have you never heard of Wall-Clinging? 2OP4bosses
In all honesty I found Lilac to be the hardest one as she doesn't have the DPS of Wild Kick and the OPness of Wall-Clinging, making most bosses harder when compared to Carol.

In fact, the only thing I could potentially not like about this game is how obnoxiously hard a handful of bosses are (Spade and Neera, I'm looking at you), but admittedly, what with the seemingly infinite attempts (Lol, Game Overs with infinite Continues that bring you back to the boss), it's really just a moot point.

Otherwise, the music is very much spot-on, with memorable tunes like Boss 1, Sky Battalion, Thermal Base 1, Final Dreadnought 1 and Boss 7 that hit you in that one special corner of your brain and never leave.
The story is also very endearing: not to spoil anything, but I felt very compassionate towards Lilac at one certain point in the game, and I became attached to her through and through, until the very end of the game. And that's not something many games can accomplish; this feeling of absolute empathy towards a character.

All that said and done, Freedom Planet is the best 15 I've spent in a long while, if not ever, and I'm glad it managed to reach most of its goals during its kickstarter phase.
As for the soundtrack being available to buy, while it is silly indeed when they have their own folder on your PC for "free", I would definitively pay for it because, well, supporting a successful company leads to more success amirite?
I never really took advantage of wall-clinging in my Carol playthrough, though now that you bring it up, it's probably something I should try. However, the reason I think Lilac is a bit easier to play as is due to her higher mobility and invincibility frames. Carol's Wild Kick makes her immune to a lot of attacks, but Lilac's rocket burst last much longer and ignores all damage. It makes it a lot easier to use hit-and-run tactics, whereas you have to be pretty up close and personal with Carol.

Agree about the lives system being useless. I'm fine with the game having infinite continues, but having lives is completely redundant at that point. I suppose they need to justify those blue gems with something, tho.

Kind of surprised you have trouble against Spade. I've only fought him three times so far, but I've never lost to him, and he's definitely one of the easier bosses, in my opinion. Neera gave me problems, but only until I learned not to jump into her attacks. The boss balancing patch made her fight even easier.
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