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Hey everyone! I told myself 4.2 was taking too long and I already made a lot of changes that needed changing, so I released it today!
NO, ITS NOT RUSHED! It has everything I planned to do! Except some stuff, like a quarter of stuff. I felt like it stuck better and that it should stay.
Also, this is just a small update that changes details that need changing.
Detons have been reduced as well as spikes, no more blimey slimey wall from RMZ, no more invisible walls, no more reverse gravity (BUT GRAVITY GIMMICKS ARE STILL THERE, I don't know much about physics but I theorize that being very close to the core of the earth, Dark City's natural gravity is heavier and Robotnik needs to make artificial for blah blah blah intelectual exposition), cutscenes have been entirely removed (new cutscenes however will be made for SRB2 TGF), CEZ2 start fofs have been fixed along with currents and hanging chains, and some more stuff I'm too stupid to remember!

As to what wasn't fixed, Mine Maze will stay one way backwards incompatible as it always was to keep it more bullshit, Robotnirock will still be so cruel, starposts give the wad more originality, and some other stuff I like how they are.

And no, this doesn't mean changes in the original maps are finished entirely, in fact, custom enemies, along with physics and some other miscellaneous changes will be made in update 4.3. (But I'm keeping that GFZ boss like that cause homing lasers are so f**king cool.)
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