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Wow. Just WOW. This is a VERY accurate recreation of the old SRB2 demo 4. SRB2 The Past might have ported some of these boards, but this does them a million times better! With the original textures, sprites, and even the midi music! One of the best parts of this pack for me is the new characters. These older versions of the main 3 are SCARILY accurate. Sonic's ball is the same, he still has some Xtreme sprites, and even tails has his Sonic 3 flying frames! Even UglyKnux has been made more accurate, with more accurate colors to the original version! I'd love to have a separate download for these characters, expecially sonic, because he's very different. Overall, really good mod pack.
Thanks a lot! If the public really wants to, I will separate the characters and put them in a wad and submit that in submissions or just add it as an extra file in the OP. Again, thanks a lot, exoect more updates in the future!
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