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I only first played the original F-Zero about a few years ago, but it stands to be my favorite racing game. Driving controls super intuitively but has a ton of nuance and depth, and the game always felt extremely skill-based and fine-tuned in spite of the fact that the AI programming takes a lot of the same shortcuts many other racers did in the day.

While the subsequent F-Zeros are pretty cool, the original stands out to me because it's less about blinding speed and more about bumper cars. The shenanigans in the higher difficulties are ridiculous. The game only allows five cars on screen, but all you need is a car in front of you and a car behind you in order to trigger some goofball multi-wipeout. Several times I've somehow managed to get the generic fifth-place racer to take first because the main racers had a huge conflict in one of the earlier laps.

On a side note, I think I actually like the SNES boost system a bit better than the 3D games because it requires more commitment -- tying health to boost does have an interesting risk-reward element to it, but it isn't quite the same.

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