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Here are a few short thoughts.

- The individual hubs for level variants is a step in the right direction. However, these hubs need to be easier to traverse (especially Techno Hill Zone's) and the geometry needs to be more original and more organic. More and more and more hubs is probably the best way to approach this, going forward.
- Including all the bosses in the main hub is an absolute clusterfuck, there's no way to put this lightly. The Sea Egg disappears sometimes, loud noises from Brak and Eggscalibur can be heard from across the map, and the Egg Slimer...
- The SRB2 TGF remake is garbage. Polyobjects intersect FOFs and cause huge errors, the sheer amount of FOF slopes lags the game horribly. Wait a version and make the slopes with actual slopes next time.
- The main hub itself is 1.09 tier cancer. Just remove it.
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