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Default SP Division Reviews

Well, the OLDC has been kicked into gear and here are my reviews for the Single Player Division.


Icicle Warehouse by Glaber - 3/10

Jesus christ Glaber, I'd advocate for you just to put away your mapping programs and move on to something else. You obviously have some form of obsession with SRB2 Christmas, putting enemies from it in there. The texture variation is hideous and fits little to none. The level design is in general bad. The conveyor belts are also broken. There is also this one area where it seems like a secret, but when you spindash through the hole as Sonic. you're stuck.

Glaber, this was looking promising bro, but something along the way went to shit.

Flooded Mine Zone, Act 1 by Spongecar - 2/10

So, first off...
- The crate textures are sky-high
- The flow is bad
- The texture variation is WORSE than Icicle Warehouse
- And the reverse-gravity not only didn't fit at all, but it was slow, and a chore to go through.

Now, I'd reccomend you get more practice and come back next time, but please try to improve.

Twilight Isles by Thompson - 8/10

YES, A GOOD LEVE- You're cancelling 2K6RE...


The visuals were great, and the level design was, though a bit confusing at times, still awesome. The music fit pretty well with the stage, and there was enough challenge for me to keep going, but not rage at. Overall, this level is pretty fun, and it's the best SP level out of this OLDC.

EDIT: So I finally explored more of the level and found some of the best tidbits, so I'm bumping up the vote.

Anyways, MP Division reviews will be out soon.
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