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Furious fox, Are you sure you uploaded the correct version of my map? It should have today's date as the modifacation date and the date on the one in the pack here doesn't match.

Oh well, at least this time it's a minor differance involving plugging up a tunnel.

Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber N/A
Based off of my Match mode map of the same name, Icicle Warehouse is to be the Zone that Replaces Toxic Mines in my mod based off of my TGF fangame. There is a tunnel at the end of the map that was only ment to be scenery with a snow pile blocking it, unfortunately, the update missed the 2 hours to contest deadline. Either that, or I forgot to say that I updated my submission last minuet.

This stage was not ment to be specular, just basic.


Flooded Mine Zone, Act 1 by Spongecar 3/10
Invisible walls, I had to learn not to do that the hard way. the level also felt like somone was just getting into mapping.


Twilight Isles Zone by Thompson 5/10
eh, what can I really say about this map? on my original run (see old video) I had a really hard time figuring out where to go and getting frustrated by the puzzles and the smasher. This time around though, thanks to spirit crusher, I actually found the yellow spring that lead to the final pond filler. This actually felt like a button hunt. Speaking of button hunts, I had to hunt down a gargoyle too, why?
Before I even got to that, I found myself getting confused and headed back in the wrong direction due to badniks facing the wrong way. When I finally got past that part, I really wasn't looking forward to the hang gliders. Of course, I never knew that even if you crashed into a wall, you'd still hang on to them. Because of that, I practically jumped every time I though I was going to crash.

Going the route of the water puzzle I can actually see what people like about this stage. The bouncing mushrooms and the gliders. But still, tone it down on the badniks. We can't filter them by difficulty like we could in 1.09.4.

Other things still need to be addressed, such as Tails' flight nerf, and the lack of bubbles leading to and in the room I got Sigseved in.

Old Video:
NEW Video:

MAPM1 - Setting Sands Zone by ZarroTsu CR/10
Can't really rate as I joined on this map, and we switched game types when we hit this map again. But It looked good for what I saw.

MAPM2 - Celestial Sanctuary Zone by Mystic 7/10
good for games with lots of players, not so much with 3.

MAPM3 - Quick Cliffs Zone by Scizor300 7/10
Wasn't really all that quick. Of courst that may of been due to how many players were on it. You may also want to pick either tunes 13 or 14 ad 15 made me think at first that the stage didn't have any music.

MAPM4 - Orange Stream Zone by Brawl 5/10
What's with all the huge levels? Weapon rings were also layed out badly pluss I was able to score a good amount with the players going under the low trees, or is it a big bush?

MAPF1 - Castle CTF Zone by Teleporter 412 2/10
At least test these levels on line or something.

MAPF2 - Water Hall Zone by Kuba11 5/10
One word: Purple

MAPF3 - Seaside Strike Zone by RedEchidna 6/10
It was a good level. The teams were unbalanced, but I managed to score a few times. We mainly took the middle path.

MAPF4 - Gravity Garden Zone by Charybdizs 7/10
Would of been better with a few more players, and CTF player starts. (Simsmagic spawned next to me prompting me to shoot him.) But it seemed way to easy for me to win. Might of been the other players though.

MAPF5 - Volcanic Temple Zone by Metal Fighter 6/10
It's Red volcano CTF! Could of done without the falling lava though.

MAPR1 - Mushroom Hill Zone by Simsmagic 5/10
A decent level, I liked the mushrooms, but not the sigsev. The Sigsev didn't contribute to the score as I have no idea how to trigger it again.

MAPR2 - Cherry Canyon Zone by Katmint 5/10
Ladies and Gentelmen, I present, SONIC'S NIGHTMARE 2!
I had just completed a lap on a personal run, and this stage is not circuit friendly. This stage is a Gauntlet that could only work in a Sonic 2 style race.

Filled with, as I believe either Simsmagic or Fawafuffan said, Deadly Cherry Coke. Never finished. We're trying to race though it. Not calculate where we need to jump. Using all that red doesn't help either.

MAPR3 - Sunken Cave by Kuba11 6/10
Things got easier once I found the short cut.

MAPR4 - Greenflower Rush Zone by Spongecar 3/10
I almost finished, but I didn't and got a game over.

MAPR5 - Disco Dash Zone by Brawl 0/10
We couldn't even finish 1 lap on this map. Plus You're able to get stuck if you don't get killed
SRB2TP (The Past) 1.08 Now Avaiable
Why wouldn't you glide and climb as Super Knuckles?

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