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Default SRB2 crashing systems

Yeah I think SRB2 is a virus because it crashed my systems.

When I was playing into a server, my laptop get frozen nowhere, Everything were completely frozen expect the music, I couldn't get out of the game because my desktop was frozen too, I couldn't move my mouse or get out via keyboard, I just waited for about a minute or two then I forcily shut downed my laptop.
Then I waited for about 10 minutes to get relaxed. When I opened my laptop, It showed me that text :

Intel UNDI, PXE-2.0 (build 083)
Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation

For Atheros PCIE Ethernet Controller v2.0.2.7(11/02/10)

Check cable connection!
PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel PXE ROM.
No bootable device -- Insert a boot disk and press any key

And when I press any key, That text shows again with a weird computer sound "TUUTUUTUUTUU"
Then I found out that my HDD device is crashed because it's not shown on my devices list. That's what it's shown on the BOIS :
Boot priordy order :
3 - Network Boot

That's what all of what happened, Now I can't use my laptop again because I can't boot my windows. All I was just using is SRB2, I was playing on MK.exe's Server.

In addition, When the fixer repaired my laptop, I found out that I was gotten a new HDD while the old one is now a junk He says. Anyways when I play SRB2 multiplayer again, I was on Man553's server, I was normally playing then again that froze happened, I didn't wanted to do a force shutdown for now on, I just waited for about a hour then it responded again, it didn't trash my system again, so I'm not going to play netgames anymore, I'll play netgames some days.
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