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Single Player:
Gothic Gardens Zone, Act 1 by VX501- 3/10 It's cramped in some areas, and ugly. I didn't have fun with this.
Graceful Coast Zone by D00D64- 5/10 Looks good, If you redid some areas it could make a fairly good map... as far as 2D maps go.
Refurbished Gadgetry Zone by SonicMaster (Did not play through yet, but looked like a less fun ERZ)
Magma Core Zone, Act 2 by Blade- 8/10 Good layout, good texture usage, just has a few enemy placements that are annoying.

MAPM1 - Battle Forest Zone by Aaron- 7/10 Played fine. Thing placement could be a little better.
MAPM2 - Misty Mesa Zone by fawfulfan- 4/10 Way too open in the main area, other areas too cramped.
MAPM3 - Acid Comet Zone by D00D64- 5/10 This map should be a work in progress. I really don't think it's done. It could use a lot of debugging and some small edits to make it good. Give it another month and it could be worth an 8/10
MAPM4 - Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber- 8/10 Played the best of all the maps, just isn't as visually pleasing as most.
MAPM5 - Volcanic Desolation Zone by Scizor300 8/10- not as graphically pleasing as KO.T.E.'s map, but it plays just as well and doesn't frame lag.
MAPM6 - Azure Lake Zone by KO.T.E- 9/10 the best match map, just the quickwater and the fact that a lot of people just make laps around the outside, and a little lag drag this map to an 9.
MAPM7 - 30 Minute Zone by RedEchidna- (Did not play, but if he really did make it in 30 minutes it will probably get a 2/10 from me.

MAPF1 - Canyon CTF Zone by Eggmanfan- 0/10 (Can I do negitive numbers?) It's unplayable, unsymmetrical, and made my first map look GOOD... Thanks for raising my self esteem, man.
MAPF2 - Ancient Arboretum Zone by Com Rante- 6/10 Looks good, but it's too massive, and seems to let people spread out too much. It's also annoying to get to the bases.
MAPF3 - Red River Zone by darkbob1713- 5/10
MAPF4 - Sunshower Canyon Zone by D00D64- 6/10 the spring that goes up the waterfall is a pain in the **** to go up, and the fact that there's only 1 plank to go to each side is annoying. That and the netgame we had there went no where fast. Oh, and the midi hurts my ears.
MAPF5 - Techno Laser Zone by KO.T.E - 6/10 looks good, but really is too elaborate, and seems overdone.
MAPF6 - Iron Turret Returns Zone by Neo- 7/10 It plays well, but it was too easy to camp in 1.09.4 and you made it easier. BUT, if I had a choice between this and the original, this would win. I also noticed a glitch on the back left corner of one of your bases.
MAPF7 - La Villa Strangiato Zone by Penopat- 5/10 Plays well, other than 2 points of issues, but this is one instance that visuals overcome playability. That level is UGLY!

MAPR1 - Frostbite Peak Zone by RedEchidna- Dang, there's no one else here so I can't stagger the votes. :P
edit: It turns out I can, and:
3/10: The slickness of the map made it near unplayable, as even heavily experienced players have to go extremely slow to even finish, the visibility was horrid going around turns, and the colormap messes up a couple of textures, and drops visibility even further, although it makes good eye candy on the ice.
Also, I find it maddening that you left a "developer's shortcut" with all the checkpoints and a monitor to bounce on to get to the spring, and practiced it before release, so you could win at any time if you want to by skipping 60% of the level. That's just cheap.
MAPR2 - Egg Flower Zone by Mach- Just a note... as contrary to intuition, this map is best played as Sonic. also on the crushers with the electric walls on the side, strafing helps you out a LOT there. On everything else, you just have to learn the timing for jumps, especially in the space countdown part.

More ratings and crit when I get around to it.
Match scores revised!
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