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What in the hell?
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I guess I'll throw out my opinion about the Single Player division.

Gothic Garden Zone: Well this level isn't terrible, it isn't good either. For the most part this level suffers from cramped areas, and a lack of alternating pathways. There was some interesting ideas in this level though, like the long wooden board with the canons shooting at you from the bottom; unfortunately, this is easily avoided by a lower, and easier path (I guess that's what you get if you fail). This level also suffers aesthetically with some noticeably unaligned textures, and some poor texture choices in general. As said, it isn't terrible, but it isn't really good. 4/10

Graceful Coast Zone: First, I'd like to say that this level is absolutely beautiful. Now let's get down to the gameplay. Well I love levels that make you think, which this one does. But 2-D mode isn't exactly the greatest mode for precise platforming puzzles. This is most noticeable in the area right after the first zoom tube, with the geysers of water pushing the rocks upward. This area requires precise timing and platforming (which again is something I love). But 2-D mode makes this pretty hard, since when you jump on the second platform, your view of the 3rd is obscured, making you guess the time when you jump on the 3rd platform; then after you finally get the time, you have to deal with 2-D mode's slipperiness, which usually makes you fall off, and start over. My only other gripe, is that there are too many enemies in some places. The area right next to the area with the geysers (to its left) have about 4 Crawla Commanders flying about, which is really annoying. Love the music choices also; it fits really well with the level. 6/10

Refurbished Gadgetry Zone: Through playing this level, it revoked my hatred of platforming upside-down, so I tried staying on the lower paths here. Well the first lower path I took, I couldn't figure out how to get past one of the rooms, so I went on the ceiling it tried it from there. So, yeah I hate platforming on the ceiling a lot. But this level is packed full of great ideas; I particularly liked an area that had low gravity and a lot of small platforms that switched you from the floor to the ceiling continuously until you reached an extra life, and a zoom tube. The level also has some annoyances, most of them in the upside down areas when I tried them; most noticeably a room that has a laser moving in a circle, while lowering and raising itself continuously; while you had to jump on a series of platforms. The levels looks pretty good though in the aesthetics department. The music in my opinion is pretty bad and hurt my ears. 7/10

Magma Core Zone: I really had a "meh" feeling when playing through this level. Nothing to me really stands out. I felt like there were way too many rock slides in the level, which are pretty hard to avoid considering where they're placed in the level. The custom enemies were kind of neat. The Jettysyn flamethrower things didn't offer much of challenge like I hoped they would. The flamethrower turret thing is pretty neat anyways; they actually hurt me a few times. Aesthetically this level looks pretty cool. The music fits the level perfectly also. 8/10
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