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Well, the model itself isn't setup proper for SRB2. SRB2 has a poly limit of 4048 vertices per model. (this has 6391) This alone is probably the cause of game breaking. I'm also unsure whats going on with the animations? You have 198 blank frame animations, separated out, but all are just the modeled T-posed. Your limited to the same number of frames as the sprites. (1 idle frame, 2 boredom frames, 8 walking frames, 4 spinning frames, 1 springup frame, 4 running frames, 6 ability(super) frames, 1 airbubble frame, 1 taking damaged frame, 1 death frame, 2 falling frames, 1 tailsgrab frame, 1 frame for lifeupbox and 1 for goalsign, in that order for a default character)
Easy MD2 set-up
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