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Actually, SRB2CB's motion blur didn't lag for me at all and I am using Windows 7.
Well, I'm basing that upon before I ever updated my graphic drivers (never played SRB2CB since I stated updating it monthly), so I may neither get lag now.

Oh, and I got Sonic Generations on Steam recently. It for the most part doesn't lag (at least not to the point where it's noticeable), but some places in some levels do make it lag enough to make a very noticeable input lag,
Spoiler: and some places in some levels make the movement of everything speed up and slow down some times
God, I died so much in Crisis City in both acts due to that. Not fun.
And the Unleashed Renderer mod thing isn't really flawless, and I can't find an official download of D3DOverrider, so... At least I beat it.
But I had already beaten it on PlayStation 3. Though the PlayStation 3 version can't be modded.
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