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This is such a good and funny wad. It's great for just fooling around with friends in multiplayer, or just general shenanigans. The bomb in particular is really good feeling to use.

However, I feel like he's really suffers from how hard he is to actually use. When you play in third person, he's so big and fat you can't see where you're aiming, but if you go in first person you miss the nice visual effects like when you dash. I wonder if there's any way you could fix that. Perhaps setting a different default camera angle for him, and giving him a crosshair? Maybe making him semi-transparent? Nah, ghost eggman doesn't seem quite right at all...

Originally Posted by Blonic View Post
Let's beat up eggman, hes such a jerk!
That's right! We can't let that fat man can't get away with his devilish deeds forever!
A dome structure? something that could be filled with diatomaceous earth?
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