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Small suggestion, but how about a way to cancel out of your super form too? But it probably shouldn't be mapped to the spin button again though as Super Sonic can only fly by pressing and holding the spin button.
Well, if we're trying to be consistent with Sonic Mania, being able to toggle Super on and off would be inconsistent; however, I also think it would be a bit unbalanced to be able to do this because turning super on its own is a one-time thought out decision. When you decide to turn super you're deciding where and when you want to become invincible. If you take this concept away, you're left with an ability to go invincible anytime you decide you need that power to get through a portion of a level, giving the play a bit too much power in my opinion.

Overall, I think having a super button is fine; but being able to constantly turn it on and off is a bit ridiculous and inconsistent with the Super transformation system as a whole.
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