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Originally Posted by rocky View Post
Well, will you look at that? Tortured Planet is back!

Enjoyed the mod overall and certainly the new nice touches from 2.1 here and there. While I agree that Space Walk Zone and Alien Armageddon Zone aren't the most amazing levels ever, they are still levels, and for me it matters the fun you have on those levels, and since this is just a port, why change it drastically?

It's a nice thing that Space Walk zone is unlockable for who wants to play it because I certainly do want to. The only thing I can say is that if you want to work on this mod some more when you have time after the OLDC perhaps, reduce Alien armageddon a little. That's all.

I'm glad this mod is back and I'm one of those that is glad that the port was made.
know that this tortured planet right back, but better to go and discovering the bugs so that it is one hundred percent better wad.
I really like this mod so I'm helping even if they are small bugs ;)

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