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Originally Posted by 742mph View Post

Dang, thought I had fixed all of those.

Version 10.3 on its way, folks.

Originally Posted by Iceman404 View Post
Are you... going to address any of the issues with the pack overall, maybe even acknowledge that you read any of it?
Wish you had been on IRC, where I did, in fact, acknowledge the problems.

This is an old level pack, I was a much less skilled level designer back then, and I don't much see the point in a serious attempt to overhaul it. I hadn't originally even intended to do anything other than a straight port, the only reason I did anything else is because my obsessive mind can't resist tinkering.

I'll fix the remaining bugs, so that everyone here who has been pestering me to do this will be satisfied. Perhaps I'll even make another port when we get to 2.2 and beyond. But I have bigger priorities, starting with my career. And insofar as I have time for SRB2, I'm much more concerned with my upcoming OLDC entries.
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