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Kinda sad to see the message boards so slow compared to the way they used to be... but everything changes... I first started lurking here around/over ten years ago, that's a long time. EDIT: That or everyone's on IRC or using that newfangled "discord" thing I keep hearing about. Back in my day, discord was a donkey-snake-dragon thing that made cotton candy clouds and chocolate rain.
I really only lurk nowadays too, though I am active with Kart Krew stuff, but from what I pick up here and there, I think things are alive in new and happy ways with things like Sugoi & Subarashii. I think there's a third one in the works right now? Imagine! What wonderful kind of days when a level collab project actually gets completed! I hope SRB2 keeps on being a fun thing for new people to discover and grow with.

Discord is where all the buzz is. It pretty much made IRC irrelevant, despite its long and incredible run. I don't know ANY active communities that still use IRC.
A dome structure? something that could be filled with diatomaceous earth?
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