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I'd say I am not even thinking about it.
Remember when I didn't have internet connection back then in 2004-2010.
I was so excited cause my brother was always bringing all the new stuff, one of those update that changed the game too much (2.0) was the one that made me want to play the game nonstop for the amount of level it carried within the Coop mode... Played like crazy. Till the year 2011 came and I had internet :v. I don't know when but I think it was 2013 when they started talking about 2.1, I WANTED TO HACK THE SERVERS TO GET THAT UPDATE :v. (Jk of course), some friends told me they could mod the game to make it however when want it to be, just making some mods to get the Jump-thok and the new sprites animations for the monitors...
Nothing for nothing, is the key :v
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