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Is it worth getting a N3DS over a 3DS at this point even if there aren't any games in specific I'd get a N3DS exclusively for playing it with? There are a couple of features I find are kind of cool, like the 3D following your vision and the faster processing times but I'm not sure whether or not it'll be worth the extra money down the road.
I personally enjoy mine, though worth noting, old games don't automatically make use of the N3DS' higher clock rate/loading times, only new games specifically programmed to do so (like Hyrule Warriors mentioned above) but if hacking your devices is your thing, you can totally hack your N3DS and get the extra juice on all games. It's personally what I've done, and it's great. Even beyond that, yeah, the 3D works wonderfully, and faster downloads are always welcome, and the games that support its speed natively do so wonderfully as well.
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