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Default Version 1.0 in development

The next version will be 1.0 and will be released when we will have two new zone completely ready.

As you can see in FC.Lat's latest posts he made two new enemies:
The Elite Crawla and the Fire Turret

These two will probably be in the next version.

We have also started several maps for the future versions (all of them are still in beta stage): Inverted Forest, Flooded Facility, Icefield Volcano and Heaven Acsend. The first two to be fully completed will be in version 1.0 and the others will be in the next version.

Floral Cove is now named Floral Road, the second and third acts have been remade from scratch. The boss is actually Devil Super Sonic (a custom boss made by FC Lat') here is a video showing the boss: The second act's new version is currently made by me (the cyan)

A forum for the level pack is also online, thank to Ors:
More information such as images and videos will be posted there and maybe sometimes beta of levels.

All suggestions and criticisms are welcome.

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