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All right, I'm gonna come out of my lengthy hiatus from activity in the SRB2 community to talk about this, because it's a lovely, promising start to a level pack that's a little rough around the edges.

First, the good. You do a lot with a little. That's really the hallmark of someone who is on their way to becoming a great level designer...being able to take minimal, muted theming--1.09.4 visuals, as it were--and building a great experience through the actual setup of the level. The levels are not gimmicky but they're solid, like Mystic Realm. And they still manage to be pretty too.

Now, let's discuss where the levels need improvement. To begin with, they're just a tad cramped. Not significantly so, but they are still built for hopping more than for speed. Also, the path layout can be quite confusing at times, especially at the end of Act 2...I went around in circles for a minute before I realized the exit was tucked off to the side. And as a minor cosmetic complaint, near the beginning of Act 2, the thok barrier visually cuts off a large swathe of the level with a wall of sky. That's a common thing--some of the official SRB2 levels do that--but I personally hate the way that looks and try to avoid in whenever I can in my own levels.

Lastly, this is solely my opinion, but I've never thought there's a need for graphics display changes in SRB2. The vanilla style is delightful and recalls the original Sonic games; these alterations bring it more in line with the less enjoyable modern Sonic franchise. The best level packs out there don't try to step away from the style of SRB2...they embrace it and use it for something novel. Again, just my opinion though.

Keep at it, I want to see more.
Thanks for critizizes!
Well, I know that my levels are a more based on speed than exploration.
We are also looking to completely rebuild the act 2, because it is a bit hard to find the exit if you choosen the "tunnel" path at the intersection, near the begining of the level. And for the graphics, the original FCZ1 had vanilla SRB2 graphics, but Happy Fox, or Cyan Sonic (don't remember which one) did an update with the textures and, of course, I liked them. I think SRB2 just needs a new texture style... And also, about my level design experience, Cyan Sonic and HAPPYFOX did the most parts of the 2 acts, I designed the begining of act 1 and 2 and decorate the level when it is done.
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If you make me a Sash Lilac wad, I'll make you a sonic sprite hack of any choice.
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