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Yes, on the next update, I will change her ability to the Air Drill, and update the Sol Emerald WAD so she can transform in Nights Mode again! (While also fixing the fact that the Sol Emeralds themselves half worked in 2.0. I got impatient with finding lump names.)

What sucks is that I don't feel like playing through the new Nights stages specifically to get the emeralds again, despite that those stages were the whole reason I wanted 2.1 in the first place. Can modified games trigger the super form through the terminal? That'd save me a lot of trouble.

I also wouldn't mind implementing Eggman Nega again, but I'd have to replace normal Eggman in two other extra bosses. If anybody wants to volunteer with modding him into the cockpit of Eggman's other machines past Techno Hill Zone, you'll get full credits for that on the original post.
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