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So the Devs added more frames for the Super Transformation? Whoa, that would have taken me forever to figure out, I have yet to get past Castle Eggman.

I'll go ahead and patch that up, it sounds pretty derpy as it is.

Originally Posted by Whackjood View Post
The custom palette did cause an issue with the armageddon shield explosion colours being scrambled and the turning super animation has a frame replaced with Blaze's 1up icon. But they're both quite minor issues.

Also the character select tip is out of date, the player can no longer hover multiple times before falling to the ground. It's not something I would hold the wad in submissions for as it's still quite playable, but it would be nice if you fixed it.

Other than that, it was nice to see someone actually get some use out of the ability to use custom palettes. Good work~ Welcome to releases.
Holy snow cows. O: Not much I can do about the palette freaking out during the Armageddon shield, but I'll definitely fix up the tip and super frames before I do anything else this evening.

Yeah, it feels good having a use for custom palettes. The sprites really benefit from it.
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