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I agree with this.

Also, can we make the air bubble object(s) a lot bigger and easier to see? And increase the spawn rate of the big bubbles? I'm thinking a bubble about the size of sonic or bigger, maybe shield-sized and just as visible .

I only now realized that part of the reason why I hate underwater levels is having to strain my eyes looking for that puny near-invisible cluster of bubbles and breaking any semblance of flow waiting there for the next big bubble to come and hope to God my hitbox doesn't whiff it when it invariably comes on my last few seconds of air.

Yeah, it'll make underwater levels easier, but the difficulty that comes from these stupid bubbles is the frustrating unfun kind!
I agree with this but I donít think they should be that big. My main gripe is trying to position myself especially when trying to catch a bubble above me.

Oh and that bastard Tails can still steal air bubbles from you by chance.
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