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Is it worth getting a N3DS over a 3DS at this point even if there aren't any games in specific I'd get a N3DS exclusively for playing it with? There are a couple of features I find are kind of cool, like the 3D following your vision and the faster processing times but I'm not sure whether or not it'll be worth the extra money down the road.

Mostly asking because I sort of kind of... left my 3DS in the wash and being a major dummy I tried to turn it on and plug it in multiple times instead of letting it sit in rice, so it's probably dead for good (this happened on my birthday yesterday it sucked). I'm gonna call Nintendo at some point later today to have them look at it or at least ask about transferring my NNID to a new one so might as well ask about how the N3DS is faring with people who have it.
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