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Posted by Mystic on 02-14-2015 11:36 PM. If only the script worked...

Since apparently we can't have this type of thread without this kind of message, here it is:

Discussing known information and speculating based on that information is okay, but don't go on tangents or make baseless speculation or absurd claims. To start off the thread, here are the answers to the questions I KNOW half of you are dying to ask yet again:

1. There is no release date. Asking will not change that. Making stupid jokes about how long it'll take will get you infracted.
2. The netcode is still just as shitty as it ever was.

Since that's already answered, we don't need to go over it again. With your cooperation, we can actually have a lively, intelligent discussion instead of senseless begging, and I'm pretty sure that's what you all want too, not just me.
Holy shit, that looks amazing! Can't wait!!!
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