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Over The Speed Limit
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Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
A properly played super can continue the effect as long as they want because the permanent speed boost gives them the power to control when and where to engage other players.
And lord have mercy on your soul if they have a magnet barrier.

Is there any way to rework the mechanic so only a player who is clearly losing is likely to get super? Like what if the emeralds are clumsily thrown out when you shoot rings (this is dumb), or if the emeralds are somehow tied to the special weapons and awarded for getting hit (this is also dumb, but...).

Actually... Say emeralds were a universal sort of 'rage' mechanic, and say you get one on your HUD for being hit by a weapon ring of a relative type. Then the loser player who gets hit by every weapon ring once can go super-form. Perhaps not related to the number of rings on-hand, since getting the shit kicked out of you won't leave you with many.
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