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So basically, you are saying we should still be on sepwich without this dedicated server that costs Logan about $50 (Or something) a month? I am glad we are on this server. As it is, the license we purchased lets us use this software forever.
No not the dedicated server, I was just saying that MyBB was free and worked fine, and it was questionable to pay $$ to upgade to proprietary software that does basically the same job.

Questionable, but then again I don't have any authority to say what decisions are made, so maybe I don't know every last detail that went into the decision.(like maybe moderation tools, stuff like that you guys would know from daily experience.)

The Dedicated server actually costs less in the long run (well until it gets old and needs replaced), but it would be a pretty long run, but when this game has lasted 11 years, it's safe to say we'll still be here far into the future, so that's a good move.
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