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I honestly think Forces is just suffering from bad timing. If Sonic Team had expected Sonic Mania while Forces was in development, they would have removed classic Sonic entirely and just focused on Modern and the new kid on the block. At least then it would have been clear what the game is being marketed to. The classic sections are ultimately going to clash with the rest of the game's focus and end up feeling like a knockoff of Mania's gameplay. Sales-wise, I'm partly expecting Mania to kick Forces' ass.
Absolutely agree with this. It almost feels like this was timed poorly; at a time where Mania was generating so much hype (And pulling it off as well, which for today's standards of gaming, is very rare), it almost feels this game has been given a ton of pressure to live up to that standard and hype. Having Classic Sonic in this game almost feels like a panic button incase the Modern and OC Fan Character gameplay doesn't live up to standards.

It's like I stated in a previous post several months back; having three different gameplay styles in one game engine is running the risk of clashing with one another, in which could either make or break the game. It's a dicey risk and because of this and I think it should been a fully 3D from the start without the 2D formula to emphasise on what makes Modern Sonic great. It would be much more important to max out Modern Sonic's potential and get a great 3D Sonic game out of it. The Classics and potentially the Mania route should be strictly 2D only. Mind you only time will tell though.
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