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Originally Posted by Iceman404 View Post
Oh yeah, isn't this that picture you took when we received that horrid join lag that one time?
Yes. This is the one time Join Lag that harsh was beneficial.

Anyways, I have great news: Blade has given me permits for adding TWO of his maps! Desert Hills (DS Port) and Forgotten Ruins (Guest Cup)

I personally didn't care much for Desert Hills, but hey, lets not look a gift horse in the mouth, since this port follows the same port method for the other ports, ensuring accuracy.

But lets be honest, this is the REAL star here. Forgotten Ruins is another great Kart map to add to the Guest Cup, and while Blade required me to get the instrumental of Back in Time (Sonic R) to play by default, the original lyrical version can be accessed by "TUNES 719" in the next music update.

But dont be fooled, this is still MY mod! MINE! MIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!

And to REMIND you that this mod is MINE and COMPLETELY NOT BLADE'S OR SIMS' OR REDENCHILADAS' OR DERPY'S BUT MINE, I have prepared this visual reminder for you so you KNOW this mod is miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

See? Its got my name in it and everything, so MINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINE.

but this totally isnt going to stop me from grabbing other peoples maps and such
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