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Another question came to mind. What viability does Knuckles have in competitive netgames (match, CTF, race, etc.)? I asked this question on the Discord and someone said he has an increased fire rate (25%) specifically. Knuckles has always been my favorite character of the three but Iíve learned to accept that Iím bad at ringslinger modes and itís also lead me to believe that Knuckles has too many shortcomings compared to Tails and Sonic. I feel like he doesnít really have much of a niche when it comes to ringslinger modes mainly. Iím not too concerned about his role in race mode because Sonic and Tails will always dominate race mode.

Sonic is so hard to hit with his mad thokking prowess and Tails can be too along with being a complete nuisance with rails. Meanwhile, we got Chuckles who is extremely vulnerable and defenseless while climbing walls and doesnít has a gliding ability that doesnít hurt opponents so he has to try to shoot while gliding if he wants to take advantage of being in the air.

I donít really talk about this much though because I donít know what could be done to buff Knuckles that can allow him to retain his vanilla/nostalgic features (so giving him punching moves is a no). My biggest suggestion would be to allow Knucklesís glide ability to hurt anyone in his path. Just my two cents.
He's more viable than Tails, but less than Sonic I guess. Sonic's thok just gives him way too much power in general for the competitive modes that it's not really worth too much comparing the others to him. As far as against Tails goes, using mouselook with his glide gives him a way to very quickly change direction unpredictably, so he gets an advantage in being difficult to hit but can't get as much aerial mobility. He can probably be situationally good in somewhat tight areas where Sonic can have difficulty running circles around everyone else with thok, and his increased fire rate will help him land shots on flying Tails'. He also has higher acceleration than Tails to help him with avoiding shots. The problem with Knuckles and spam in general with the competitive modes is that you need rings, rings that are usually already sucked up by all the Sonics because of them being able to get them faster and safer.

Tails and Knuckles can be useful in CTF though, where you'd want them to fill in for aerial assistance for whichever sonic is carrying the opponents' flag, or for defending your flag. Knuckles is great for defending the flag thanks to his increased fire rate allowing him to spam at whoever is after the flag and can have a pretty good time chasing the Sonic who is carrying it since they can't thok anymore. While Tails can grant great distractions and throw things from above to support any skirmishes happening from afar, best with the explosion ring of course since hitting any Sonic without AoE from above is not going to be happening much, grenade could be useful but the ring itself is pretty useless in actually denying area since most of the time Sonic is in the air and just will just jump over it anyway. Of course, Sonics are still the main ones on the teams and usually, more players will be needing to play him than the others.

As far as balance goes, I think Tails and Knuckles are pretty balanced in comparison to each other, neither of them can literally travel as fast as a thrown ring so they both have the opportunity to hit each other. In reality, it's Sonic that throws everything out of whack quite so far, having just the thok makes him way too good to pass up for match, and you need at least one in CTF too. It's also not helped that the acceleration stats are backwards in that Sonic has the highest acceleration on the ground while Tails has the lowest acceleration. At the very least I think I've heard at some point that thrown ring speed will be increasing in 2.2, and Tails will get a buff on top of that to his thrown ring speed. So maybe this will help the balance a little as it might be slightly more possible to aim for thokking Sonic, wondering if it would be worth leaving Sonic's ring throw speed at what it is currently and seeing if this helps even more.
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